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Austin Academy PTA

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation


Our children here at Austin Academy are extremely fortunate to have dedicated professionals who strive to provide them with a very rich educational experience.  The Teacher Appreciation Committee seeks to express the thanks of students and parents.  We will have appreciation events each grading period plus additional activities during the Spring Teacher Appreciation Week as well as birthday recognitions.  If you would like to help by providing food or non-food treats, assisting before or during school to set up, serve, or clean up from an event, or doing out of school preparations, please send your email/phone number.  Your suggestions and creative ideas are also welcome.  Our goal is to have many different people to help during the year.  You can help once or more often and every bit of help is appreciated.  Please join in to help out.  Thanks!


Thank you!

The Teacher Appreciation Committee is making every effort to make sure the members of the Austin faculty and staff know they are appreciated.

Margaret Finley, Teacher Appreciation

In Appreciation of Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

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