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Programs for Parents &  Families

Family - Three Generations

Did you know there is a Garland Council of PTA?  They have monthly association meetings at the Administration Building at 501 S. Jupiter Rd. at Forest Lane.  Anyone can attend.  Stay posted for further date information.


Drug Prevention Resources for Teens 



My Wonderful World Campaign Launched by National Geographic

On May 2, 2006, National Geographic unveiled a public-engagement campaign designed to give U.S. students tools to become more informed global citizens. The goal of the five-year, multimedia campaign -- My Wonderful World -- is to improve the geographic literacy of young people ages 8-17 by motivating parents and educators to expand geographic offerings in school, at home and in their communities.

HTTP:// , provides resources for parents to help kids be more geo-savvy. It includes suggestions for simple, outdoor family activities, ways that parents can work to get more geography into the classroom, links to geography games and online adventures for kids and teens, classroom materials for educators, and ways for young and old to test their global IQs. The site also provides tools for communicating to policymakers and education leaders the importance of geographic literacy.

This year’s Reflections theme, "My Favorite Place" can be one way to start exploring and talking about geography and connecting it to the arts!

Personal computer system


National PTA and Fox Interactive Media Join Common Sense Media in Internet Safety Campaign

Kiefer Sutherland stars in public service announcements promoting campaign. Common Sense Media, the National PTA, and Fox Interactive Media have partnered on a major national Internet safety campaign designed to reach millions of parents. The goal is to help parents keep their kids Internet safe and smart. It includes the Internet Survival Guide for Parents located at, online advertisements running across the Fox Interactive Media Network and a public service television ad starring Kiefer Sutherland of the hit TV show "24." News Corporation — that owns MySpace -- is backing the campaign with millions of dollars of airtime and ad space across its properties.

This partnership is a great way to reach millions of parents with the practical information they need. No editorial integrity was compromised in any way. We all share a common goal: helping parents to teach their kids how to get the best out of the Internet while acting responsibly and safely online.

As Anna Wesalak, the PTA's National President says, "For decades PTA members have been dedicated to the safety of all children and students. We feel that the Internet can be a very useful tool for education and that the Common Sense Media resources will educate parents on how to keep their children safe online. The goal is for parents to make informed decisions about technology to help their children succeed while keeping them safe in the process."

Liz Perle, Editor in Chief, of Common Sense Media, says "At Common Sense, we try to give parents the practical tools they need to help raise media savvy kids. That has been the goal of our Internet safety campaign from the start, and with the support of the National PTA and Fox Interactive, we hope to help millions of parents keep their kids Internet safe and smart online."

More details about the Common Sense, Fox Interactive Media and PTA campaign, including the transcript of the Kiefer Sutherland spot, can be found at and

For additional Internet safety resources, visit the following website:

Internet Survival Guide for Parents

Vacant, 1st V.P.- Programs

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